Working with a functional medicine dietitian is for you if...
• You want to know all the details of what is going on in your body.
• You want to be the one calling the shots with your health decisions
• You are tired of being given "quick fix" approaches that don't actually fix anything.
• You want to get to the root of the problem and heal your body with nutrition and functional medicine practices.
• You've tried EVERYTHING you could think of, but you just can't figure out if you are doing something wrong or what is going wrong!
• You're willing to invest and commit to a plan that prioritizes listening to your body to determine what is or isn't working
• You believe you can feel better
• You are ready to do WHATEVER it takes to get answers & heal
• You are open to investing in your health
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1. Evaluate & Assess

We go deep first. By starting with lab testing for a variety of markers so we can identify your specific pain points. Our first session will be in depth. I want to know all about you and get a good picture of what is going on. We will discuss your nutrition, lifestyle, movement, past and present stress, stress management (or lack-of), time outdoors in the sun & fresh air, what you do for fun, etc. 

2. Recommend & Implement

Once I gather all the info, I start to recommend nutrition, lifestyle, products and other solutions. My recommendations are geared towards your health goals, desires, and where you are at in your health journey. This is not a blanket, one size fits all approach. I will develop a specific plan to reach your healing and health goals. Your lifestyle is forefront in my mind so that these recommendations aren’t just good ideas, but actually doable. 

3. Heal & Adapt

At this point, you’ll begin to have an “aha moment” that all those little “annoyances” were “symptoms.” And “symptoms” are always indications of something deeper. By digging into what was going on in your body and making adjustments for better, you’ll start to experience improvements, and we’ll continue to adapt and adjust your plan to keep you on the path to a life long of feeling good!

FREE Mineral Drink Recipes

Minerals are the spark plugs to every process in our body. If you have intense sugar cravings, feel like no matter how much water you drink you are always thirsty, or often feel weak or light headed – your body is telling you it needs more minerals! 

What Clients are Saying

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1:1 Nutrition Coaching

Nourished 4 Life offers virtual consults using a HIPAA compliant platform called Practice Better. All clients will have free access to their own Practice Better phone app and online portal. Track your food, health metrics, schedule your sessions, message and video chat me right from your phone using this secure platform!

Nourishing Foundations Course

Want to understand the basics of good nutrition and how to build life-long healthful eating habits? 

Speaking Engagements

Rebekah Hilfiger, RDN, CDN, LD offers in person or virtual speaking engagement programs for community centers, corporate lunch-and-learns, health fairs, mom groups, and more! Contact Rebekah for more information on topics, pricing and plans.

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